Xpeak is the future!
Elvis March 25, 2009
The main problem in developing software using devices banking is more platform-independent APIs. They are always based on a programming language specific. Xpeak solves this problem in a very elegant way using XML.


Link October 31, 2012
Hello, Is project stoped?

Fran October 31, 2012
My company is involved in several Xpeak projects so I wouldn't say that!

Alberto October 31, 2012
Not stopped at all! I am participating in a project for financial devices integration via Xpeak for a Spanish Bank. From my point of view Xpeak offers many advantages among other standards.

Santi November 22, 2012

I'm starting reading about Xpeak, and it looks very usefull. The idea of independence to the language is great, and is a big advantage for sure among 'classics' standards.

But i have a question: Is this standard actually working? I mean, really banks are changing theirs olds standards to Xpeak?

Alberto November 26, 2012
Hello Santi! And wellcome to Xpeak world!

Of course Xpeak is actually working and of course real banks are using it.
As I mentioned in a previous post, my company (Cashware) is involved in several projects, integrating financial devices with Xpeak architecture. We have several customers (banks) using Xpeak at their branch applications not only in Spain, but also in the rest of Europe, North and South America and Asia.

Considering the market trend for virtualized environments, with Xpeak you can build architectures much more flexible than the ones allowed by other connectivity solutions.

Do not hesitate to contact our commercial department if you or your company need any other information or references about Xpeak: salesdept@cashware.biz


Sumedh June 11, 2014

I read about this and this looks cool. I have few basic question here. I work with one of the ATM vendors and very familiar with CEN/XFS standards. Following are my queries,

1. Is this a layer above WOSA/XFS architecture. Let's say Diebold or NCR has an XFS C API ready for a particular device, can I use Xpeak with such devices.
2. Or it is completely independent from XFS C API, and it follows totally different architecture. In this case, I assume the device has to support this architecture and there should be some SPs which will release the SPs for XPeak. In such case which are the devices currently in market which supports this XML based communication.
3. Where can I read more about architecture, apart from this web site.


Sumedh June 11, 2014
Some more reading lead me to this (FAQ!!:D)

Xpeak compatible with other standards?

No. Xpeak is a completely new definition for the access to devices. Although it has taken other standards as a reference, there is no degree of compatibility with them.

Anyway, it is possible that projects which perform wrappers that permit the use of actual standards from Xpeak services will appear

So this clears my doubt. Where do we stand in terms of wrappers for actual CEN/XFS standard. Can I get a device list which supports XPeak way of communication.


Korina June 12, 2014
Hello Sumedh,

Xpeak defines an XML interface to standarize the communication with devices. You don't need devices supporting Xpeak (although you can have them and in that case, you will not need to have a separate piece of software to implement the Xpeak Service). I know there are several vendors working on it, but it is not very stablished yet (I mean, the hardware devices 'speaking' xpeak).

On the other hand, any device in the market can be integrated via Xpeak. You need to have the Xpeak Service for that device (speaking of different standards, you can say a Xpeak Service for Xpeak is the equivalent to a Service Provider for XFS).

I hope you have a clearer concept of Xpeak now.

Kind regards!

Sumedh June 12, 2014
Ok. What I understood from this is one has to write XPeak service for a particular device, similar to one has to write a CEN XFS SP for a particular device. Am I correct?


Korina June 13, 2014
Thats it! You need to develop the correspondig Xpeak Service for a particular device.