USB Service
Austin October 9, 2012
Hello all,

I am not sure about the use of the USB Xpeak Service, is it oriented to detect the plug and unplug of a USB Device? Am I right? I think it is not very well explained at the command specifications:

'This documentation details the specific set of commands for Plug and Play devices detection. These, along with common commands conform the complete set of commands available for Plug and Play detection. Sometimes, certain common commands can be overwritten within a specific service, because they change their behavior. In the case of Id Service, following commands are overwritten: '

What has 'Id Service' to do with USB?

What would be the proper command sequence on an application with this service? Whould it be possible to provide a more deteailed specifications for this service?

Thank you!!


Enrique October 15, 2012
Hello Austin,

As you say, specifications for this service are not clear. There is no relationship between 'Id Service' and 'Usb Service', it is a misprint. We have corrected and clarified this point and we have also provided a more detailed specification. It will be uploaded in the next update, asap.

Responding to your question, 'usb' service provides real-time information about hot plugging of USB devices. With this service you can see what USB devices are connected to the machine and also ask to receive an event every time a device (or a list of devices) is connected or disconnected.

A proper command sequence on an application with ths service may be:

- XPEAK_COMMAND_GET_CONNECTED_DEVICES (any time you want to know current connected devices).
- XPEAK_COMMAND_ENABLE_CONNECTION_EVENTS( to enable connection events)


Austin October 31, 2012
Thanks a lot Enrique, it is much more clear now.