Xpeak installation
xdtao February 18, 2008
After I install Xpeak,there is a compiled error message in file org.xpeak.xpeaker.swt.gui.XClassFrame line 120, the error message is 'The return type is incompatible with Control.getCursor()'


Mario February 18, 2008

We have detected that in eclipse version 3.3 there is new method called getCursor in the Control swt class. We also have that method name in one of our classes that extends Control. We will change it and will test in 3.3.

Meanwhile, if you want, you can use eclipse 3.2


ticl December 23, 2009
Eclipse Build id: 20090920-1017
Xpeaker installation works till it asks for Xpeaker Plugin Installation Wizard selection. If I click Finish, it just sits there. Could someone please help?

David December 23, 2009
Let us check the installation procedure using Eclipse Galileo. We will inform you asap. To continue your tests, you can install a previous Eclipse version until we solve the problem.



David December 23, 2009
Hi again

We have tested the installation procedure using Java 1.6 and the following Eclipse version:

Eclipse SDK

Version: 3.5.1
Build id: M20090917-0800

and it worked properly.

Could you test it again using that version?



ticl December 24, 2009
I will try again with the above version (Eclipse Classic as they call it on the download site) and get back to you. I am on Linux (running as root), not sure whether that would have any effect. Is there any log file that I could inspect for possible errors in case I get stuck again?

Thanks for the reply, really appreciated :)