real device
hendro April 16, 2010
Hi everyone..
I want to ask a question?
XpeakService come with the simulator
The Simulator use Acme-Device..
How i have to configure if i have real device... for exaple i have Diebold ATM

Alejandro April 16, 2010
Hi Hendro.

You have to check device by device if the Xpeak services are implemented, the card reader, the dispenser, the receipt printer... Look for the devices of your ATM in the Xpeaker devices tree. Anyway, I think the are no Diebold services implemented at the moment.


Merli Der Hexenmeister January 4, 2019
Hola Alejandro,

in your post, you said (April, 2010) that at that moment there were no Diebold services implemented.

what does it exactly mean?