NCR ATM's are supported?
Kata February 15, 2013
Hi all,

I just found info about Xpeak on the net. looks good. But, can this be used with an NCR ATM??

Maria February 18, 2013
Hello Kata,

In fact Xpeak can be used with any device. Xpeak is just the definition of a way to standadarized communications with financial (or not financial) devices. You can develop the Xpeak Service for any device if you have the vendor information for that.


arash July 13, 2013
The Xpeak technology seems pretty good.
I have implemented and tested a sample application over the simulator.
everything seems good.
But I don't know how I could test my application over the real ATM machine and
I was unable to find any related documents.
our ATM machine is NCR SelfServ 22.
any help is appreciated.

Maria July 15, 2013
Hi arash,

To test your application over a real ATM machine, you need to have Xpeaker services for the real devices you are using. You have several options:

- Ask the vendor (NCR) for the Xpeaker services of the ATM devices
- Ask an independent software company (like Cashware) for the Xpeaker services
- Develop your own Xpeaker Services for the devices


arash July 22, 2013
is there any information available for xpeak driver providers and their fees?
is there any documentation available for device driver developement?

Ros July 22, 2013
The documentation available for Xpeak device drivers development is the Xpeak Specifications (

On the other hand, you can install the free version of Xpeaker (the Cashware Xpeak product), which includes some examples of Xpeak services and simulators.

Regarding the Xpeak Service providers, I think the most active is Cashware. You can contact them at or