xpeaker server
jagsanchez December 11, 2007

I have two questions:
1 - How can i start the xpeaker server from the command line?
2 - How can i generate a stand-alone application with my services and my server?


Allan December 11, 2007

To start the server from the command line, type this:

java -classpath x:\MyPath\MyServices.jar org.xpeak.xpeaker.devices.server.sockets.XClassServerMain Port=8000 Console=yes Path=x:\MyPath\MyServices.jar

You can also start it from your application:

XpeakerServer = new XClassServerMain( new String[] { "Port=8000", "Console=yes", "Path=" + Path + "x:\\MyPath\\MyServices.jar"});


To stop it:


In order to create the services jar file (MyServices.jar), start Xpeaker Eclipse plugin and click right button over the Workspace Server. Click option 'Generate Pack' and select Server=Pack-Sockets. After selecting the services needed, click Generate.

Hope this will help you