To communicate devices
raquel March 17, 2008
I want to communicate two devices, one of them with the service DoorSafe and the other with Indicator.
I get the state of the Door because I listen events in a class that implement the interface XInterfaceEventsListener, in the method of processEvent( String logicalName, XDataEvent event) I can get de state of my element, and I want change the value of 'Indicator' in fucntion of the state of the 'Door'.
How can I do it?Because I've tried a lot of things and Idon't get it.
Thank you very much

Roberto March 17, 2008
Hi Raquel,

We do not understand your question. In any case, the only way to change an indicator state is using the setValue method. Have tou tested it using the Xpeaker plugin? Try to open, for example, the Acme Card device and open the Indicator service.

If you don't solve it, please, send us the xpeaking properties file and your java code.