Magnetic card reader/writer status
rzempo April 29, 2008

I?m trying to develop a program to know if a card has been inserted or not into de card reader. I?ve been testing the sample code Card: Simplest, I was wondering what files and what info should I modify in order to get status of a NCR or Diebold magnetic card reader/writer.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



frangw April 30, 2008

Do you have the NCR/Diebold Xpeak card reader service?


rzempo April 30, 2008
No, I supposed I have to modify some info in a config file and keep using the same implementation of the classes in the jar file, haven?t I?

Could you tell me what or where to find the info to modify, or any clue the way in could solve it?

Thank you.

frangw May 2, 2008
First, you need the hardware protocol in order to create a class to communicate with it. Then, you have to implement the corresponding card service classes in the same way the simulator does.

Do you have the hardware info? If so, may be Cashware could help you.