XML Forms for printing
red May 6, 2008
hello xpeakers,

im trying to create a program that will print several forms with different formats (example: validation slip, passbook updates and many others). Now i have used the HelloWorld.xml inside the Forms folder of the XPeaking example i have downloaded here in your site and it works perfectly, but when i try to create another xml file, it does not print anything.

Q: Is there any thing i must do first in order to print with a new format?

I also tried using the Printer.printText method, but it does not print anything as well.

Q: Do you have an example of which i can work on?

Other details:
- im using an olivetti printer
- i tried replicating the HelloWorld.xml and renaming it to another file but it still does not work
- i have also downloaded the xpeak eclipse plugin and created an new xml form in the Forms tab

Thank you and God bless! =)

alicia May 6, 2008
Hi red,

Which device did you use to print the HelloWorld.xml example, the system printer, the olivetti pr2,...?

How did you test it, using a xpeaking program or using Xpeaker plugin?

Could you send us the example code and also the new xml file? We recommend you to use the Xpeaker Forms editor because the literals are coded as base64.

Please, use this forum to send your doubts and/or questions, but if you want to send me the files I asked for, you can use xpeakersupport@cashware.biz



red May 6, 2008
i seemed to have found what the problem in my previous post, i used the eclipse plugin (form designer) and it worked out fine. Now, i need to pass values to the xml, how can i do this?

thanks again in advance.

alicia May 6, 2008
Hi red,

The option to pass application values is only available in the Xpeaker Forms editor (clicking the printer icon) and in the Xpeaker Commercial Version.

The Xpeaker Free version will be updated in the middle of may.


red May 6, 2008
Another question, in your example, HelloWorld.xml, you encoded the 'Hello World!' value into a format in which your classes could understand. I would just like to ask what encoder/character set you used in encoding the value inside the xml.. thanks alicia

Code snippet:

alicia May 7, 2008
Hi red,

It is base64. You can see it in the Xpeaker source code