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rein January 25, 2008
I was trying to use xpeak for my java/web application in such a way that when a user wants to print a document, the xpeak will be triggered to detect a printing hardware and do the task. However, it's almost a week that i've been trying to read and deduce the logic of your codes.

If you would please, can you send me a sample program that uses/calls xpeak and does printing and some configuration steps. But if that would be too much, maybe some documentation will be much appreciated.

Thank you!

Mario January 27, 2008
Hi rein

We can send to you an example to use Xpeaking for Java but we would like to know what do you really need.

Have you tried to print using the Xpeaker Eclipse Plug-in?

And finally, did you download the xpeaking examples at http://xpeak.org/index.jsp?Menu=Documentation&SubMenu=Xpeaker


rein January 27, 2008
Good Day!

Yes. I've tried printing using the Xpeaker Eclipse Plug-in and I've already downloaded the example under the Documentation>Xpeaker>Xpeaking for Java Examples section.

What i need to do is to, first, make my client print via my xpeak server; second, whatever printer is plugged in, my program must be able to use it; and third, shared printing. Last Friday night, I made the first one (at long last!) replacing my printer configuration with


instead of


But i doubt it's the way it must be configured. Today, I'll try doing the second part: using another printer to see if my program would still work. After, I'll make my applet for my client.

PS. I think my problem before was the connection between the printer and my server. =)


parthasarathi May 30, 2009
i was trying to monitor the ATM Device status[printer,jrnal] using JXFS, but i d't get any idea so far.
pls guide me how to update the ATM status using JXFS to java code.

mario June 1, 2009
For JXFS questions you should use www.jxfs.net forums

SatanClaus July 13, 2010
could you, please, send me any sample to send data to printer and get response from it?
Java Examples don't work for me and they although aren't complete source code.
Thanks in advance!

Sara July 13, 2010

What printer are you tryint to print with? Is it a system printer or a financial printer?

Have you tried to print using the Xpeaker Eclipse Plug-in? What have being the results?


SatanClaus July 13, 2010
I use Wincor's TP07c and i didn't try yet to print with help of Xpeaker Eclipse plugin, becouse i don't know how to do that.
If you can, please send me some tutorial. I would be very thankfull for you.
But it will be better to get some working example, because printer is located on POS-terminal and i can't use my Eclipse IDE there.

Thank you!

SatanClaus July 13, 2010
Is there any solution how to print data on printer?

Sara July 14, 2010
As far as I know there is not any Xpeaker Service for this printer, so it must be developed. Have you got the protocol details of the printer?

SatanClaus July 14, 2010
Oh, i think, i have already sent an email, if you are from support department )
I'd like to get some tutorial, how to develop such service.

Thanks in advance!