xpeak properties file
xdtao February 22, 2008
Could you pls explain the item 'Card:MagneticCard@Local:Acme-Card-Swing' in file XpeakingExamples.zip? Thanks

Jaime February 22, 2008

The meaning of the item Card:MagneticCard@Local:Acme-Card-Swing indicates Xpeaking to load the service MagneticCard that it is of type Card from the device Acme-Card-Swing at the Local server.

Let me explain.

The type of service (Card) can be any of the xpeaking type of services (any of the org.xpeak.xpeaking.services classes, that is audio, barcode, card, cash, etc).

Acme-Card-Swing is the logical name of the Device. You can see them in the Xpeaker tree. A Device can contain one or more Services. For example, the Acme-Card-Swing has two of them: MagneticCard of type Card and CardGuideLight of type Indicator)

MagneticCard is the name of the Service.

Local is the name of the server, defined previously in the same xpeaking properties file.


hendro April 15, 2010
Who can tell me the meaning of this configuration on xpeak properties file please......


regard hendro

Alejandro April 15, 2010
Hi Hendro.

Those are the Xpeak Server configuration values.

'type' specifies the type of the server used. In your example, you are using a sockets server (the application is communicating with the Xpeak Server through a Socket.

'address' specifies the host address where the Xpeak Server is running.

'remotePort' specificies the port number where the Xpeak Server is running.

'localPort' is the local port opened to receive the events thrown by the server.

'configurations.url' specifies the path where the services configuration is located.