The access to is completely open and free. Any user, without the need of being registered, can access to the Xpeak specifications as well as to the several forums.

However, the members should be registered through and pay the corresponding fees if they want to participate actively in the Xpeak specifications definition. The current fee (year 2007) is 130 euros per month and will be 4% increased every year.

The members will have the following rights:

  • Ask for the inclusion of new devices in the specifications.
  • Ask for changes in the specifications (modify or create new commands, answers, events, etc., of any device)
  • Vote for:
    • The inclusion of a new device
    • The modification of the specifications
    • The acceptance or discarding of a new Forum
    • The acceptance or discarding of the inclusion of a new company (totally or partially) in the Documentation tag.