Set of Web Services so that an application can communicate with standardized devices through Xpeak with REST calls.
It facilitates the integration of devices into web applications. For more information, click
Download all Xpeak services specifications here


Version Date Description
1.8 15th September 2020
- Modified Xpeaking REST API appearance
1.7 19th February 2019
- XpeakServices-Signed.jar updated
1.6 2nd February 2018
- XpeakServices-Signed.jar updated
1.5 23th June 2017
- Added new method getSpoofScore to the Biometric service
- Added new boolean field canGetSpoofScore to the capabilities of the Biometric service
1.4 1st March 2017
- XpeakServices-Signed.jar updated
1.3 20th February 2017
- XpeakServices-Signed.jar updated
- XDataAnswerRestCashCount now includes new boolean field: itemsCounted
- New cash count diagram added
1.2 28th December 2016
- C0400 Xpeak Service updated
- Xpeaking traces now contain information about the logical name of the service
1.1 28th November 2016
- EnableInsert method in XResource check redefined: added optional parameter 'currency'
- Cash Simulator configuration example updated
1.0 15th November 2016
- Added new method ReadPrint in resource Check
0.9 8th September 2016
- Added UsbPrint connection for Olivetti PR2.
0.8 24th September 2015
- Added Olivetti PR2 Twain Check service.
0.7 1st June 2015
- Olivetti Xpeak Service Check updated with scanner functionality.
- Added Olivetti check configuration example.
0.6 6th April 2015
- Last version of XpeakServices included (Olivetti PR2).
0.5 11th June 2014
- Added usb functionality to Olivetti printer.
- Added required dependencies.
0.4 25th March 2014
- Added Seac constants.
- Added Fujitsu constants.
- Added DeLaRue constants.
- Added the Fujitsu TCD4 Xpeak service (Fujitsu-Dispenser-TCD4).
- Added the DeLaRue MDDM Xpeak service (DeLaRue-Dispenser-MDDM).
- Added the Seac GenericRS232 Xpeak service (Seac-Check-RS232).
- Added Audio Web Services.
- Added Browser Web Services.
- Added Camera Web Services.
- Added Door Web Services.
0.3 10th February 2014
- Added Epson TMS9000MJ constants.
- Added Epson PLQ20M.
- Added Glory constants.
- Added Wacom constants.
- Added Bancor constants.
- Added the Bancor K2S Xpeak service (Bancor-Scanner-K2S).
- Added the Wacom STU500 Xpeak service (Wacom-Signature-STU500).
- Added the Glory RZ100 Xpeak service (Glory-Recycler-RZ100).
- Added the Epson PLQ20M Xpeak service (Epson-Printer-PLQ20M).
- Added the Epson TMS9000MJ Xpeak services (Check, Barcode, Scanner, Card and Printer).
- Added Scanner Web Services.
- Added Signature Web Services.
- Added Barcode Web Services.
- Added Card Web Services.
0.2 26th November 2013
- Added diagrams.
- Allowed to connect two devices of the same model.
- Added setup file which installs a Tomcat 7 as a Windows service using its own JRE7.
- Added diagrams to documentation.
- Added examples for cash services.
- Added Cima constants.
- Added Olivetti constants.
- Added Seac constants.
- Added the Cima AST7000NT Xpeak service (Cima-Recycler-AST7000NT).
- Added the Cash Simulator Xpeak service (Acme-Cash-Swing).
- Added Cash Web Services.
- Improved WS documentation.
- Added example for /printer.json/print command.
0.1 20th June 2013
- Added the Seac RE800 Xpeak services (Seac-Check-RE800).
- Added the Check Simulator Xpeak service (Acme-Check-Swing).
- Added the Olivetti PR2 Xpeak services (Olivetti-Printer-PR2).
- Added Check Web Services.
- Added Printer Web Services.
- First prototype.